International Advisory Group Air Navigation Services (ANSA)


- established in 1967 as a professional non-profit organization -

Who is ANSA?
ANSA is a non-profit group of aviation professionals under swiss law with members of the aviation sector in a dozen countries. It was founded in 1967 in Germany under the former name of "Evaluation Group Air Navigation Services - Europe". Among its members are civil and military pilots, air traffic controllers, dispatchers, telecommunication operators, engineers, instructors, experts on air traffic control and an air safety investigator. All are bearers of corresponding official licences.

ANSA knows the international and national rules, regulations and procedures of the ATC system. The improvement of flight safety in general is our objective, as is the reduction of the risk of accidents in the air navigation system as well as the broadening of knowledge on the functioning of the ATC system and its weaknesses.

The ANSE and ANSA Story 1967-2014  
The ANSE and ANSA Story 1967-2014
.pdf document, 74 pages, 6 MB

An additional aim lies in the explanation of the historical development of the ATC system in operations and engineering over the many decades. For this purpose two separate internet platforms exist: Digitale Luftfahrt-Bibliothek at (German language) and The Digital Aviation Library at (English language). The Digital Aviation Library offers a multitude of normally not available or forgotten documents for historians, experts and students under the headings of bibliographies, general aviation history, historical aviation documents and aviation maps.
50 Years of ANSA
On February 27, 2017 the ANSA group celebrates its 50th anniversary. Smoke signals are nowadays no longer in use in air navigation. Electro-mechanical systems are also outmoded, but digital data processing, however, has not ceased to cause problems. Back then a small group of German air traffic controllers concluded to set-up a legal instrument with european objectives for the representation of technical demands on air navigation and air traffic control and the imminently required increase of flight safety.
Studiengemeinschaft für Flugsicherung. Evaluation Group Air Navigation Services - Europe
Designated as "Studiengemeinschaft für Flugsicherung" and, for the sake of internation-alism, also called "Evaluation Group Air Navigation Services - Europe", ANSE for short, the group became active immediately in side-line activity. The european flag symbol was chosen as its emblem, since not only national, but also international problems had to be tackled by this first unique professional association of the aviation industry sector in Germany.

The 50 Years of ANSA  
The 50 Years of ANSA
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ANSA offers especially aviation journalists, lawyers and others not knowledgeable on the peculiarities of the ATC system, but confronted with it, the following services:

- explanation on its functioning, the particulars, national differences and inadequacies;
- support in the investigation of operational incidents in ATC;
- advice to libraries, archives, museums on document collections, exhibitions and presentations;
- translation of air navigation documents from/to German and English and
- reference on foreign sources on the same topic.

ANSA is conversant with the peculiarities of the european and other ATC systems. The expertise of its members goes back into the first years of the system's formation after WW-II. Some have activiely participated in its development.
Our own material, mainly relating to ATC and the Englisch speaking professional aviation community, has been transferred to the Saxonian State and University Library Dresden (SLUB) in 2012/2013 and in 2015/16 to the Technical Information Library of the FRG with the university of Hannover. ANSA's archive with a remaining stock of 350 documents, aviation maps and charts, operations manuals, presentations, articles and the like, mostly in German or English, shall also be broken up and may be consulted with the PDF-file shown herunder. Some documents are available free of charge, the majority however against payment in order to cover the costs of their acquisition.

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Among the many documents various publications on air navigation and ATC are available at and at

Also published by ANSA have been:

Fliegen ist sicher!
Beruf und Alltag eines deutschen Fluglotsen 1957-1984

ISBN-13: 978-1-5425-0852-0
German, 216 pages, full color print | |

Fliegen ist sicher!
Beruf und Alltag eines deutschen Fluglotsen 1957-1984

ISBN-13: 978-1-5425-0858-2
German, 216 pages, grayscale print | |

The Development of Air Navigation in West Germany after 1945
The first ten years - when nobody knew ATC existed

ISBN-13: 978-1-5370-2042-6
English, 224 pages, full color print | |

The Development of Air Navigation in West Germany after 1945
The first ten years - when nobody knew ATC existed

ISBN-13: 978-1-5370-2046-4
English, 224 pages, grayscale print | |

German Air Traffic Control During The Cold War
The Story of Rhein Control

ISBN-13: 978-1-5370-2046-4
English, 552 pages, grayscale print | |

Die Entwicklung der Flugsicherung in Westdeutschland nach 1945
Die ersten zehn Jahre

ISBN-13: 978-1-5369-5273-5
German, 524 pages, grayscale print | |

Die Flugsicherung in Deutschland vor 1945
Ein Rückblick

ISBN-13: 978-1-5369-3824-1
German, 464 pages, grayscale print | |
ANSA is represented by its founder and president, Mr. Frank W. Fischer, an ATM expert accredited by the European Union. The corporation is based at Lüterkofen in the cantone of Solothurn, Switzerland. The office is located at Kreuzlingen in the cantone of Thurgau, Switzerland.

Frank W. Fischer
Frank W. Fischer, ANSA founder and president
Air Traffic Services Expert, Advisor, Auditor, Dipl. German Civil Aviation Administration Management, German, with over 50 years of professional activity and engagement in air navigation with 27 years of german civil (BFS) ans military (USAFE) Air Traffic Control operations in government service as Air Traffic Controller; holder of all types of civil and military ATC licences; Air Safety Investigator (ISASI Member) on ATC; officially EU-recognized ATM-expert on Air Traffic Control; ICAO project leader; ATC lecturer and instructor; conference speaker, aviation writer.

ANSA Office
Eichhornweg 8
CH 8280 Kreuzlingen, TG, Switzerland
Telephone: 0041 32 6650493